Kuleto's boasts a wide selection of delicious cocktails, with separate menus on each level as well as weekly specials. Below is a snpashot of the cocktails on offer.

Dark and Stormy

Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum coupled with fresh lime juice and angostura bitters, served tall and finished with ginger beer

Ginger and Apple Cooler

Vodka with Canton ginger liqueur, topped with fresh apple juice and ginger beer.

Lotus Chill

Lychee, peach / apple liqueur shaken with cranberry juice and garnished with a lychee.

Grand Cayman

Vodka, lychee liqueur, triple sec & pineapple juice shaken and strained onto fresh passionfruit pulp

Kuletos Red Corvette

Fresh strawberries blended with Melon liqueur, Frangelico and grenadine


Baileys, Kahlua, Frangelico & Cream De Cacao Blended W Fresh Cream

Long Island Iced Tea

Five white spirits with a splash of lemon juice and chilled coca cola


Campari, sweet vermouth and gin stirred and strained over ice.

Kuletos Classic Sours

Your chosen spirit, sugar, lemon juice and egg white. Choose from, whiskey, Frangelico, vanilla, fireball, amaretto, Chambord

Espresso Martini

Gin and Vodka

Kuletos Martinis

Made to cater to your taste, gin, vodka. Ask the bar staff for a recommendation.


The classic, made with Jose cuervo tequila, triple sec and lime juice with a sea salt rim.


Fresh Lime & Mint Muddled with a Hint of Simple Syrup