Trading Hours

Tuesday to Thursday 4pm till late and Friday & Saturday to 3am and Sunday 4pm till midnight.


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Events & Enquiries

(02) 9519 6369

Happy Hour

Tuesday to Saturday
5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Sundays Lazy long Islands A list of Teas for $10 all Day

Happy Hour Cocktails

(2 of the same for the price one)

Aperol Spritz

60ml Prosecco, 45ml Aperol, topped with a dash of soda and ice.


60ml Tequila Blanco, with fresh grapefruit and lime juices

Lotus Chill

30ml Lychee, 15ml Apple & 15ml Peach Liqueurs & Cranberry Juice

Red Corvette

30ml Melon Liqueur, 15ml Frangelico, Strawberries & Grenadine


Your choice of Gin or Vodka stirred with Olives/Twist


30ml Vodka, 15ml Triple sec shaken with Cranberry juice & Lime

Apple Martini

30ml Vodka, 30ml Apple Liqueur, shaken with Apple juice


30ml Tequila, 15ml Triple sec shaken with Lemon and Lime juices.

Dark and Stormy

45ml Spiced rum topped with Ginger beer and fresh Lime


15ml Baileys,15ml Kahlua, 15ml Crème de Cacao, 15ml Frangelico

Long Island Iced Tea

15ml Vodka, Rum, Tequila, Gin & Triple Sec topped with Coke and a hint of Lemon juice

Thai Iced Tea

15ml Vodka, Rum, Triple sec and Lychee liqueur topped with Cranberry juice and whole Lychee fruits


15ml Gin, 15ml Cinzano Rosso, 15ml Campari stirred down served with Fresh Orange slice

The Grand Cayman

15ml Vodka, 15ml Lychee liqueur,15ml Triple sec shaken with Pineapple juice & Passion fruit pulp