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The De Kuyper family has been involved in the Dutch gin industry since as far back as 1695 and Petrus de Kuyper took the first step by producing gin barrels at his cooperage in Horst. His third son Jan de Kuyper took it one step further by opening a distillery in Schiedam. Jans sons Johannes and Pieter succeeded in taking over a large distillery in Rotterdam and
rapidly became the biggest distillers in the city.

De Kuyper Royal Distillers is an innovative international company active in the production and marketing of alcoholic beverages. It has a wide range of premium quality products.

The De Kuyper family has been involved in the Dutch gin industry since as far back as 1695. Petrus de Kuyper took the first step by producing gin barrels at his cooperage in Horst. His third son Jan de Kuyper took it one step further by opening a distillery in Schiedam. Jans sons, Johannes and Pieter succeeded in taking over a large distillery in Rotterdam and rapidly became the biggest distillers in the city.

The business continued to expand. Exports to the United Kingdom Canada and distant overseas markets increased. By combining forces the De Kuyper family successfully steered the family business through good times and several crises.
The business survived the French Dutch wars Napoleons ban on exports the US Prohibition the First World War the Depression and the Second World War. Driven by entrepreneurial spirit a love for the distilled product and close family ties. Today the 11th generation of the De Kuyper family stands at the helm of a strong global company, ready for many more centuries of De Kuyper aanpassen naar Today the 11th generation is working in the company but the company is led by ’s occupation Mark de Witte at the moment

DeKuyper Products List
Dekuyper Amaretto Liqueur made from almonds vanilla rich lemon oils sweet caramel and underbuilt by a hint of cognac and nutty flavor.Amaretto Liqueur Dekuyper DeKuyper red apple liqueur.Apple Liqueur Red DeKuyper Sour Apple Pucker is a member of DeKuypers Pucker sweet and sour schnapps family with a flavor similar to Granny Smith apples.Apple Liqueur Sour Pucker DeKuyper Apple Schnapps De Kuyper is a alcoholic beverage made with distilled apple spirit.Apple Schnapps DeKuyper De Kuyper Banana flavoured liqueur with full banana flavour.Banana Liqueur DeKuyper Pisang De Kuyper green banana liqueur known for its exotic flavor based on the juices of many tropical fruit and herbs from the emerald in color.Banana Liqueur Green DeKuyper De Kuypers Bessenjenever is still made according to the traditional recipe from fresh black currant.
Bessenjenever DeKuyper Oranjebitter made from peels of orange and apple are the main substance of this typical product.Bitters Oranjebitter Schipperbitter with unique specific taste because of many herbs.Bitters Schipperbitter De Kuyper blackberry liqueur also called Creme de Mure.Blackberry Liqueur DeKuyper De Kuyper Creme de Cassis with rich blackcurrant flavour.Blackcurrant Liqueur DeKuyper De Kuyper Blueberry is perfect to add a twist of blueberry made from sun ripe blueberries.Blueberry Liqueur DeKuyper De Kuyper apricot brandy is a spirit produced by apricot wine and beautiful bright orange color with sweet apricor flavor.Brandy Apricot DeKuyper Vieux brandy special is made from real fruit brandy which gives it the rich taste.Brandy Vieux DeKuyper De Kuyper butterscotch schnapps is a liqueur with the flavour of caramel.Butterscotch Schnapps DeKuyper De Kuyper made from Marasca cherries and blended with warm spices.Cherry Liqueur DeKuyper Cherry Liqueur flavoured with cherries which is often referred to simply as Peter Heering or Cherry Heering produced since 1818.Cherry Liqueur Heering DeKuyper Pucker Cherry Liqueur sweet cherry flavored liqueur bright red in color.Cherry Liqueur Pucker DeKuyper DeKuyper Chili Liqueur is colourless crystal clear and surprisingly odd nose of chilli and sweet pepper.Chili Liqueur DeKuyper De Kuyper Creme de Cacao is intense and sweet made from chocolate and hint of vanilla.Chocolate Liqueur Brown DeKuyper De Kuyper Creme de Cacao is very chocolaty rich and comforting perfect for a cocktails made from chocolate and buttery less sour chocolate flavor.Chocolate Liqueur DeKuyper Hot Damn is a red cinnamon schnapps made by DeKuyper is available in 80 and 100 proof 40 and 50 percent ABV.Cinnamon Schnapps Hot Damn Citroenjenever with peels of lemons are distilled in the original potstills to extract the fresh lemon flavour.Citroenjenever DeKuyper De Kuyper coconut liqueur with a ricj coconut flavour.Coconut Liqueur DeKuyper Bebo Cuban coffee liqueur made from cuban arabica coffee which gives a unique and rich coffee taste.Coffee Liqueur Bebo Cuban De Kuyper Coffee flavoured Liqueur Creme de Cafe is coffee flavor strengthened with natural vanilla and cacao..Coffee Liqueur DeKuyper De Kuyper blue Curacao distilled from Curacao or Lahara fruit with a.
distinctive and intense blue color.Curacao Blue DeKuyper DeKuyper Curacao Green an old bottle of green curacao from renowned Dutch producer De Kuyper.Curacao Green DeKuyper DeKuyper Orange CuracaoCuracao Orange DeKuyper Red De Kuyper Curacao is a liqueur made with the peels of the Laraha a sour orange native to Curacao.Curacao Red DeKuyper De Kuyper elderflower liqueur flavoured from elderflower blossoms.Elderflower Liqueur DeKuyper Rutte Dry Gin is a harmonious blend of juniper fresh orange peel and fennel.Gin Dry Rutte Rutte Celery Gin is a harmonious blend of juniper cardamom and celery leaves.Gin Rutte Celery Dekuyper sloe gin with sloe berries added for tast.Gin Sloe Dekuyper Rutte Sloe Gin uniquely blends sloe berries steeped in gin with liquid from distilled sloes and a touch of traditional malt wine.Gin Sloe Rutte Jonge Graanjenever the national spirit distilled in copper potstills using juniper berries and neutral spirits in the process.Graanjenever Jonge DeKuyper De Kuyper berry grape is a purple shot made from pucker grape schnapps and pucker schnapps.Grape Liqueur Pucker DeKuyper De Kuyper Grapefruit flavoured Liqueur is clear in colour. It has an aroma of ripe skin. It has a well rounded fruity flavour and refreshing after taste.Grapefruit Liqueur DeKuyper DeKuyper Kiwi LiqueurKiwi Liqueur DeKuyper De kuyper lemongrass flavoured liqueur with a strong flavour of lemongrass.Lemongrass Liqueur DeKuyper Mandarin Liqueur Napoleon XO Extra Old mandarin peels are macerated and blended with the 27 herbs and spices that make the mandarine secret recipe. The resulting distillate is then combined with Grande Champagne XO cognac to create this Grande Reserve.Mandarin Liqueur Napoleon XO Mandarin Napoleon was created in 1892 by Antoine Francois de Fourcroy made from mandarin peels.Mandarine Liqueur Napoleon DeKuyper Mango Liqueur with full mango flavor and is made from a distillate of mangoes blended with fine spirits.Mango Liqueur DeKuyper De Kuyper maraschino is a cherry flavoured liqueur made from Marasca cherries enriched with rose petals.Maraschino Liqueur DeKuyper Melon Liqueur made by De Kuyper with a bright green color and full melon flavour.Melon Liqueur DeKuyper Dekuyper Orange flavoured liqueur triple sec distilled from sour oranges and sweet oranges with citrus yet slightly sweet flavor and crystal clear.Orange Liqueur Dekuyper The liqueur boasts delicate flavours of rose petal lavender and orange overlayed with a subtle hint of vanilla and almonds also knowen as perfect love.Parfait Amour DeKuyper De Kuyper Passion Fruit flavoured liqueur with bright red color.Passion Fruit Liqueur DeKuyper De Kuyper peach schnapps abundant aromas and flavours of peach in a fine schnapps drink.Peach Schnapps DeKuyper DeKuyper Peppermint Liqueur Creme de Menthe has a dazzling taste of crisp mint for ultimate freshness and sweetness and lemon oils.Peppermint Liqueur DeKuyper DeKuyper Peppermint Liqueur Creme de Menthe is vibrant and fresh from crisp mint leaves and lemon peels with
flashy green color.Peppermint Liqueur Green DeKuyper DeKuyper Pineapple Liqueur made with ripe sweet pineapples.Pineapple Liqueur DeKuyper DeKuyper pomegranate liqueur.Pomegranate Liqueur DeKuyper Raspberry Liqueur made by De Kuyper.Raspberry Liqueur DeKuyper Razzmatazz is a dark red liqueur flavoured with ripe raspberries.Raspberry Liqueur Razzmatazz DeKuyper root beer liqueur.Root Beer Liqueur DeKuyper De Kuyper Strawberry flavoured liqueur.Strawberry Liqueur DeKuyper Sour monkey strawberry is a wild and seductive low alcohol with a sweet fruit burst and then suddenly a sharp sour smack will your lips and shock your senses.Strawberry Liqueur Sour Monkey De Kuyper strawberry schnapps with a bright pink color.Strawberry Schnapps DeKuyper Watermelon Liqueur made by De kuyper from the best flavoured sweet watermelon.Watermelon Liqueur DeKuyper DeKuyper Watermelon Liqueur Pucker delivers tart and refreshing watermelon to your favorite summertime drinks.Watermelon Liqueur Pucker DeKuyper

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