Dillons Small Batch Distiller
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  • 4833 Tufford Road
  • Beamsville
  • Ontario
  • L0R 1B1
  • Canada

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Canadian whisky no longer carries the same significance it once did and I believe the craft producers who are gaining in numbers are going to be introducing a whole new level of interesting and unique Canadian spirits to our country. The other inspiration came from the state of Canadian spirits today and I feel we have lost our way in the world spirits game.

Becoming a distiller and creating Dillons Small Batch Distillers is the result of inspirational people and my love for fine spirits and Canadian pride.

My earliest inspiration was my father Peter Dillon. He is a man who never stops experimenting and has taught me that if you are really passionate about something nobody can stop you from doing that but yourself.

Gary Huggins and Geoff Dillon met while negotiating over Gary’s acceptance of Geoff into his family via his daughter, now married to Geoff. The conclusion was that in order for Geoff to enter the family, he would need either an MBA or as per Geoff’s lobby, an on the job MBA via a business. Dillon’s Small Batch Distilling was born out of necessity. Gary and Geoff became partners, and family, and built the distillery.

They chose the location of their distillery for its proximity to incredible ingredients. This has given Dillon’s the advantage of seeing farmers everyday who grow great ingredients in our backyard of which they have made readily available to us.

Our first products are made from a base of 100% Niagara grapes that would otherwise be thrown on the ground during the annual thinning process. We ask the growers to drop the grapes into baskets instead of the ground before we ferment them and then distill. Many of our herbs are either grown by us or by local farmers. Our grain is sourced locally in Ontario and we have an abundance of fruit everywhere you turn in the Twenty Valley.

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