Strawberry Liqueur Arhumatic
Jam Strawberry
Vanilla Liqueur
Cream Whipped
Cake Butter
Sugar Icing
Cocktail Spoon

9% Alcohol By Volume
18 Proof
1.4 Standard Drinks
  1. Cut two round slices of cake.
  2. Add cake to bottom of glass.
  3. Sprinkle in strawberry liqueur.
  4. Place in a little strawberry jam.
  5. Add layer of thick whipped cream.
  6. Push in another layer of butter cake.
  7. Sprinkle vanilla liqueur over top.
  8. Dust top with icing sugar.
  9. Luscious
Room Temperature
Old Fashioned
200ml, 7oz, 20cl

Angel Cake is luscious medium cocktail at 1.4 standard drinks. Built with 30ml strawberry liqueur arhumatic and 10ml jam strawberry with 30ml vanilla liqueur as well as 30ml cream whipped including 100ml cake butter and best with dessert type dishes. Just cut two round slices of cake then add cake to bottom of glass and sprinkle in strawberry liqueur. Place in a little strawberry jam and add layer of thick whipped cream and push in another layer of butter cake then sprinkle vanilla liqueur over top and dust top with icing sugar and served in a old fashioned glass at room temperature.

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