Gin Navy Strength Great Ocean Road
Grenadine Crawleys

43% Alcohol By Volume
86 Proof
2.7 Standard Drinks
  1. Pour grenadine into bottom of glass.
  2. Float the strong gin on top.
  3. Ignite Alcohol
  4. Blow out then drink in one go.
  5. Sharp
Served On Fire
Room Temperature
90ml, 3oz, 9cl

Ballistic Missile is sharp super strong cocktail at 2.7 standard drinks. Layered with 60ml gin navy strength great ocean road and 20ml grenadine crawleys and served before a meal to stimulate appetite. Just pour grenadine into bottom of glass then float the strong gin on top and ignite alcohol. Blow out then drink in one go and served in a sherry glass at room temperature.

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