Ouzo Arak Haddad
Coffee Brew

12% Alcohol By Volume
24 Proof
2.4 Standard Drinks
  1. Warm glass.
  2. Brew coffee.
  3. Top with strong black coffee.
  4. Add all ingredients to warm glass.
  5. Pour in warm coffee.
  6. Add sugar, milk, cream or citrus, etc to taste.
  7. Optimal service temperature would be 60C to 70C or 140F to 158F.
  8. WOW Araq
Room Temperature
300ml, 10.5oz, 30cl

Greek Coffee is wow araq average cocktail at 2.4 standard drinks. Built with 60ml ouzo arak haddad and 190ml coffee brew and best when a coffee is needed. Just warm glass then brew coffee and top with strong black coffee. Add all ingredients to warm glass and pour in warm coffee and add sugar, milk, cream or citrus, etc to taste and optimal service temperature would be 60c to 70c or 140f to 158f and served in a coffee glass at room temperature.

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